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  • All our¬†Goats Milk Soap bars are based on pure vegetable oils and are 124grams when made, and we expect them to last you between 4-6 weeks with normal use.

  • Why not try our solid Goats Milk shampoo and Conditioner bars! They are just perfect for people who travel around. They give you the freedom to have the product you like with you, and also no need to worry about liquid spills. This is particularly useful if you are to fly as the product can be carried on the aircraft in your hand luggage if you wish, with no check in worries like there would be with liquids.

    *Each hair bar will give over 30 or more hair shampoos or conditioning treatments. (*Normal hair length treatments)

    Saves on space and weight when compared to equivalent sized liquids that give 30 plus washes. To this we added a Guaranteed leak proof Travel Box!

  • This Jewel box is supplied with 4 of our full size bars:- Patchouli Rose, Aloe Vera & Jojoba Lemon Myrtle and Lavender Blue. The ideal gift for that special someone, maybe just spoil yourself. With enough product to last at least 5 Months with normal use for the average person.

    If you prefer a different 4 bar selection to that offered then please indicate your choice in the customer message box on your order.

Showing 31–33 of 33 results

Australian Made

All our Goats Milk Soap products are proudly Australian made