Our Main Ingredients Selection Criteria

Goats Milk
We have  developed a process where our Australian Goats Milk soap bars, we do believe, contain almost twice as much Goats Milk than many other competitors bars, this is indeed good news for our Australian Goats Milk soap users..

Main Oils
We take great care when selecting all our oils, in products where we use palm oil we only use oils that come from certified or verified sustainable plantations. What this means is the oils must come from plantations that comply with the following as a minimum.
1. R.S.P.O. registered (Please also see technical links below)
2. No Destruction of rainforest
3. Employ sustainable practices
4. Plantations have been in existence for more than 40 years
5. Production does not in any way endanger the wildlife throughout the region of production

Essential Oils
We do everything we can to source the best Essential Oils possible, and in many circumstances our essential oils are from organic sources, as well as being of the highest quality. This attention to source, quality and purity is just one reason we know our soaps aroma’s and the overall quality of our soaps remain constant for such a long time, well past the time many of our competitor products last.

Fragrant Oils and Essences
Fragrant Oils and Essences play an important part in obtaining the correct balance and tone in any cosmetic products non less so than our quality soap production, they are usually secondary to our Essential Oils but do play an important part in bringing you quality products. Our selection processes are as stringent for these products as they are for any other of our ingredients or supplies.

All colours are derived from single or combinations of clays and earth oxides, no artificial colouring is used. Note some colour tones are also achieved from reactions of one oil with another oil.

It is simply not possible for all our products to be distributed and sold without some form of packaging. We do however make a determined effort whenever or wherever packaging is required, to obtain either renewable or recycled packaging over any other material if a suitable cost effective product can be found.

Reported Benefits
Many of our sales are from satisfied customers and repeat orders.* Some of the comments we hear are:
“your soap has helped clear up my dry skin and I no longer suffer from itchiness”

“Many users report that their eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis has been much improved since they started using our Goats Milk Soap”

“My children itchy and dry skin is much much improved”

“Your soap bar does last for more than 4 weeks its excellent value and not overpriced like some”

“Your soap smells so good I just want to eat it”

“I use your bars both large and small all over the house just for the smell”

*We recommend if you have a pre existing condition or are unsure in anyway about using a new skin care product of any type, that you consult with your health care professional before use.

Contra Indications for some Essential Oils
We do all we can to research for any known contra indications of the use of essential oils for some people but it is important that individuals check for themselves if they are in any doubt.