Goats Milk Soap and Other Body Care products simply made for YOUR skin and great for the whole family! We are all about “Goats Milk Goodness”.

We are a small family business in the beautiful Northern Rivers in NSW, Australia. The business was founded in 2010 by Keith who had already been involved in making and creating soaps. He knew he was on to a good thing with using goats milk and he created, tested, and trialled and came up with the winning recipes! Ten years later we had the amazing opportunity to take over the reigns of this reputable and reliable brand and to keep it in the family.

I’m Kirsty and I am so excited to be on this goats milk soap journey with you. Honestly, I don’t think I had even heard of, let alone had used, goats milk soap before I joined the family but now I and the whole family (from the littlest littlies to the oldest oldies) are goats milk soap converts and dedicated soap lovers. We just want to share all this soapy goodness with you! Our youngest “quality controller” in the photo below helps me all the time! 😊

Soap Creations and Body Care came about as we were looking for something better for our skin. For us, that meant getting back to basics and as much as possible getting back to natural and naturally derived and I endeavour to continue with that ethos. We are focused on providing high quality Australian-made Goats Milk Soap and Body Care products that are suitable for all skin types from fragrance free as natural as can be soaps to zesty Lemon Myrtle to spring laden Frangipani to summer punch Mango Passion. Have a look on our shopping page. There has “goat” to be one that appeals to you.

Soap is best! Goats milk soap is even better!